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TigerTutor has helped hundreds of high school students of all academic levels improve on the SAT. On average our students have increased between 200-300 points. Many of our students have even scored perfect 2400. Now in 2016 the SAT is changing once again. As a result, we have revised our successful curriculum to help students understand and master the areas that will be covered in this new format.

The Biggest Change: Evidence-Based Reading & Writing.

The new SAT combines former Writing and Critical Reading sections. Our SAT curriculum will cover all the skills assessed on the new SAT including:

  • the knowledge, skills, and understandings that research has identified as most important for college and career readiness and success

  • the meaning of words in extended contexts and on how word choice shapes meaning, tone, and impact

  • preparation for the SAT essay, which tests reading, analysis, and writing skills

The new SAT: What You Need To Know:

The format of the new SAT is a minimum of 3 hours (without the optional essay) and a maximum of 3 hours and 50 minutes with the essay. Students must build test taking endurance to succeed on this test. Here is a breakdown of the test format:

Component                   Time Allotted (min)               # of Questions

                  Reading                             65                                    52

Writing and Language                65                                   44

             Math                                 80                                   58

       Essay (optional)                    50                                    1

                                          180 (230 with essay)          154 (155 with essay)

The SAT is important for College Admissions for the following reasons:
1.       It allows College Admissions Committees to compare students equally. The SAT allows admissions committees to compare different students from different schools with different grading systems. The SAT offers a standardized and systematic way of evaluating students based on their performances on one particular test.
2.       The SAT also tests students’ college readiness. For each three sections of the test – Math, Reading, and Writing – students are tested on foundational critical thinking, problem solving and data analysis skills which students should have for their college and professional careers. Unlike other standardized tests, the SAT also tests Writing grammar skills which is mandatory under the Writing section of the test.
3.       The SAT is also an opportunity for some students to get a second chance. Students who do not have the highest GPA in high school can still make a lasting impression on admissions committee by getting the highest SAT score possible. Because of the high importance placed on the SAT, students who score very well despite having an average GPA are often admitted to the school of their choice.


Test scores are one of the top considerations for college admissions.



Start Preparation Early! Whether you would like to qualify as a National Merit Scholar or simply get into your top choice school, we recommend preparing as early as possible.
Also, do not take the SAT your first time without some sort of preparation. Many people do not realize that your first SAT score will be recorded and many times colleges will request you report those scores along with any other improved scores you obtain after SAT preparation.
We recommend you prepare before taking the SAT for the first time.

We offer LIVE one-on-one and group online tutoring for students in grades 9-12. Through live instruction, practice problems, and homework assignments we work at the pace of the student and cover the areas the student needs the most help with before the test date.


Our students have gone on to top schools like Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science, Princeton, Duke, University of Michigan, University of California, Brown, UPenn, Cornell, Vanderbilt, Washington University and many others.   Read what some of our families have said about us recently (click here).


We offer free initial online consultations to answer questions you may have about the new SAT as well as goals the student would like to accomplish.


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Our online SAT classes are like a brick-and-mortar class with distinct online-only advantages:

  • You'll participate in a group where each student can interact with every other student as well as the instructor in group discussion--you'll see everyone's faces.
  • You'll have access to an online shared whiteboard to view the instructor's notes just like you would in a physical classroom. 
  • You'll take a midterm and a final exam to monitor your progress throughout the course. Your instructor will then go over these mock tests with the class.
  • All classes are live--participate, react, ask questions, and interact all in real-time!

This course is recommended for students who are looking for the best in SAT test prep, have taken a previous course but would like to learn more, enjoy challenging themselves or have busy schedules.


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