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TigerTutor offers a live PSAT online course (6 classes – begins Sunday September 17).

Our expert SAT tutor (Princeton graduate) will be helping 10th and 11th graders prepare for the October PSAT exams (10/11 & 10/14).


The PSAT is a test given only once a year. It is a test that students should take seriously because not only can a high PSAT test score help a student be admitted to a top college summer program but it can also help students receive thousands of dollars in scholarship money. Besides the National Merit Scholarship, a high PSAT score can qualify high school sophomore and juniors for other competitive scholarships.

This class covers all three sections tested on the PSAT: Writing, Reading and Math. Special attention is given to the English grammar and Critical Reading sections.


The new PSAT is a longer, more challenging test than the old PSAT. Math problems are wordier and reading questions now ask students to justify their answers with the correct referenced lines. The Writing section now makes students play the role of editor. No longer is it enough to fix a sentence -- problem by problem. Now students must fix grammar errors but also understand stylistic and rhetorical flourishes. See charts below to see the changes.

Also, many 10th graders often do not realize that PSAT scores from 10th grade do matter. If your child wants to apply to a college summer program like at Harvard or Brown University the summer before 11th grade, the application asks for 10th grade PSAT scores because most 10th graders do not have SAT scores to share. Help your child prepare accordingly. 


This live online course is great for the busy student who:

1.      Has self-prepared in the past weeks

2.      Has taken a course and would like a refresher

3.      Has never prepared and knows it is important to

The course includes:

1.      2 Mock practice exams

2.      Teacher is a Princeton University graduate

3.      Each class is 2.5 hours long (Total class teaching time: 15 hours)

4.      Parent feedback report

5.      Recommendation for when to take the SAT

What’s needed? Internet connection from the comfort of home. No need to travel anywhere. 


Course Dates:

Sundays: 9/17, 9/24, 10/1, 10/8

Monday: 10/2, 10/9


Class times: 6-8:30pm EST (for East coast and Midwest students); 5:30-8pm PST (for West coast students)


Tuition: $888


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If you have a high school student, chances are you have heard of the PSAT and National Merit Scholarships. While many people, understandably, believe that the PSAT is simply a practice run for the SAT, it actually serves another equally important purpose.

The PSAT or Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test is the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship. That is why the test is also known as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test or NMSQT.

Between three and four million high school students will take the PSAT every year. While scoring well on the PSAT may not help your child get into the college of his or her dreams, it might just help pay for some of it.

Here’s how it works. After taking the PSAT in October, about 50,000 students will be recognized for their high score on the exam. Of the students recognized, about 34,000 will receive a Letter of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarships Corporation. These students don’t receive a National Merit Scholarship but having a Letter of Commendation is a feather in their cap. It also looks good on a college application.

Approximately 16,000 students will score in the top 99 percent of their state to become National Merit Semifinalists. About half of those semifinalists will win a National Merit Scholarship based on their PSAT score, recommendations from their teachers and a personal essay. These students may also receive awards from colleges who recruit them.

"Many students don’t prep for the PSAT but those who do have a significant advantage."

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