SAT/ACT Classes

For students applying to college in America the SAT remains the most important test they will take in high school. Most competitive colleges will consider the SAT scores a student receives to determine whether the student is accepted or denied when they apply. Some schools even offer scholarships (worth thousands of dollars) to students for scoring a minimum SAT score. Doing well on the SAT is very important for college. The old SAT was replaced with a new version in 2016. Here are our thoughts about the new SAT:



The New SAT still covers English grammar, Critical Reading and Math like the old SAT but the new SAT gives a stronger emphasis on strong writing skills and critical reading. For example, the old SAT essay was an opinion-based question. Now students must analyze an author’s argument and explain the different ways the argument is constructed. This focus on evidence-based reading is what our students focus on in our group classes and we teach them how to master the English grammar section as well.


The ACT is another test which is becoming more and more popular with our students especially students who do well in Math and Science. The ACT has four sections: Math, Science, English, Reading and like the SAT is a multiple choice test. Most colleges will accept either the ACT or SAT scores a student submits when he or she applies to college. 
Students in our ACT classes focus on learning English grammar, how to answer the reading questions quickly, practice high-level math problems and how to read the science passages. For many students the ACT is the better test to take than the SAT but should only be taken when students are well prepared. You are invited to schedule a free consultation to decide whether the ACT or SAT is better for your child.




閱讀 630, 寫作 550, 數學770 (1950) 來TigerTutor學習後: 閱讀 800, 寫作 800, 數學800 (2400)
- T. Lin
閱讀 750, 寫作 610, 數學740 (2100) 來TigerTutor學習後: 閱讀 800, 寫作 800, 數學800 (2400)
- S. Li
閱讀 620, 寫作 640, 數學670 (1930) 來TigerTutor學習後: 閱讀 800, 寫作 800, 數學770 (2370)
- R. Mah
閱讀 740, 寫作 710, 數學730 (2180) 來TigerTutor學習後: 閱讀 800, 寫作 770, 數學800 (2370)
- E. Wu
閱讀 680, 寫作 680, 數學740 (2100) 來TigerTutor學習後: 閱讀 800, 寫作 790, 數學750 (2340)
-  H. Tao

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