SAT Summer Courses

This summer we will offer small group SAT summer classes in Florham Park,  NJ (each course runs 4 weeks)

Morning: 9am-1pm (Monday-Thursday)

Afternoon: 1:30pm-5:30pm (Monday-Thursday)

Evening: 6pm-9pm (Monday-Thursday)*

*Students who need to make up a week due to vacation or other committments may do so with special permission

SAT Summer Bootcamp

TigerTutor Summer SAT Boot camp is designed for students looking to prepare for the SAT during the summer months. TigerTutor specializes in helping students improve their English reading and writing skills and this summer we will be offering two programs: 1) NJ SAT Bootcamp which offers in-person classes four days a week (four hours per day) and an 2) Online SAT Bootcamp which offers classesMonday through Thursday ( three hours a day) for four weeks. Both courses offer two practice tests (Midterm & Final) and expert instruction from a Princeton graduate who has helped many students score perfect SAT scores and go on to receive thousands of dollars in scholarships and/or admission to top colleges. All four sections are covered in class: reading, writing, the essay, and math. 


NJ SAT Bootcamp is offered either mornings (9am-1pm) or afternoons (1:30pm-5:30pm) and will be located in Florham Park, NJ (near Newark Academy). Classes will be kept small; therefore, spaces for these for classes are limited. We recommend students and parents complete a reservation and send a confirmation deposit as soon as possible. Once spaces are filled we will unfortunately not be able to accommodate anymore students this summer. This SAT Bootcamp provides the opportunity for your child to be taught by one of the BEST SAT Instructors in the country.


The Online SAT Bootcamp will occur in the evenings and students will attend this LIVE class online. This will be the same as if the instructor was in your own home teaching your child. Through our online classes the instructor will teach and engage students through video chat and students can ask questions and receive answers in real time. Through daily instruction and exercises that push students to retain what is taught in class this course is a very good option for students who want to do well on the new SAT. Our classes will be kept small in order to maximize interaction between instructor and students. Students are expected to participate during each class and complete homework as assigned. This course is recommended for students who are looking to prepare for the SAT during the evenings due to busy summer schedules or are located outside of the northeast.  Each online SAT Bootcamp will last four weeks: once in July and the second course in August 2016. The class will run from 6pm-9pm (Eastern Standard Time) to accommodate our students on the east coast, west coast as well as our students in the midwest. This is a unique opportunity for students to meet students from other parts of the country and challenge themselves and learn in a new, exciting way. Our online classes are taught LIVE by experienced instructors and students are required to participate and work on retaining the information taught in class. We do not use prerecorded videos. All instruction is LIVE from one of the best SAT instructors in the country. In case you are still deciding about our online SAT course you should know it is a more affordable option for premium quality SAT tutoring.




9th & 10th Graders

Take advantage of the summer and start preparing early for the fall PSAT and SAT Test Dates. These test scores are one of the first factors college admissions committees look at when deciding to give an offer of admission. In many cases, if your score does not hit a mark, you will not make it out of the first round of consideration for admission. In addition, in order to qualify for National Merit Scholarship or for top High School Research/Enrichment programs we recommend you start preparing in 9th Grade for PSAT.

Use this summer to get familiar with the PSAT and SAT. Study the different sections of these tests and learn winning strategies to maximize your scores. You will take your first round of PSATs this upcoming fall so start preparing and use your preparation to help you both with this exam and your regular school coursework in Reading, Writing, and Math. If you prepare early, you may score high enough to be considered a National Merit Scholar your Junior year in High School. This could lead to special scholarship consideration or special distinction for college applications.

11th Graders

12th Graders

This is the year that counts. Make sure that your standardized test scores are as high as possible. Do not think you should have a run-through with a first test date. Only take the test when you have fully prepared and feel you can get the highest score possible. Unfamiliar about the NEW SAT? Contact us to learn more.

Didn't do as well as you would have liked Junior Year? Don't wait: get those scores up before you apply to colleges in the fall.


October and November exam dates will be your last opportunities to improve your scores.

The TigerTutor SUMMER PSAT/SAT courses

Take advantage of the Summer and start preparing early for the Fall PSAT and SAT Test Dates. These test scores are one of the first factors College Admissions Committees look at when deciding to give an offer of admission. In many cases, if your score does not hit a mark, you will not make it out of the first round of consideration for admission. In addition, in order to qualify for National Merit Scholarship or for top High School Research/Enrichment programs we recommend you start preparing in 9th Grade for PSAT.


Many rising 10th and 11th graders should use their summers to prepare for the October PSAT and take the SAT sometime in the fall; for example, in October or November 2016. Some of our best students who have scored perfect scores in the past prepared over the summer and their results prove why summer preparation is so important. Because students have more free time to focus on SAT, this is a critical period of time that should not be wasted.


PSAT & SAT are important for three reasons:

  • In order to qualify for National Merit Scholarship or for top Research/Enrichment programs in high school we recommend students start preparing for PSAT in summer of 9th grade. Many top Science and Math High School programs are looking for students to score 220 or above, 75 or higher in Math and will consider 10th grade PSAT score acceptance to these programs.


  • Even if your child’s GPA is not very high, high SAT scores can help admissions committees look beyond low grades.


  • Many job providers are still asking for a job applicant’s SAT scores, sometimes even after 10 or 15 years from graduating from college. Like colleges, job providers want to see how an applicant performed on a standardized test that helps them further see an applicant’s critical reasoning and inference skills.


Why SAT preparation is important: 

  1. The difference of a couple score points can be the difference for admissions and scholarships, for example for engineering and medicine programs.

  2. Colleges look at SAT score as second most important criteria behind GPA 

  3. High SAT scores can determine how much scholarship money is awarded


Our Summer Camp programs are designed to help students from all levels and from different grades. For our rising 9th and 10th graders we have a special program designed to help them with foundations in Reading, Writing, and Math. For our rising 11th graders we have different accelerated programs that target weak areas, such as Reading and Writing. Often many students excel in Math and need lots of help with Reading and Writing so we place those students in classes that focus on those two areas of deficiency.


                Bootcamp Session Dates           

Session #1: July 5-July 29

(First week is Tuesday to Friday only because of holiday)

Midterm Exam Friday July 15th

Final Exam Friday July 29th


Session #2: August 1 – August 26

Midterm Exam Friday August 12th

Final Exam Friday August 26th


For the SAT Bootcamp students must enroll for one full 4 week session (either In-Person or Online). Registration is first-come first-serve and  is completed by filling out the online registration form below and paying online a $500 deposit through our website shopping cart (click here to pay deposit online). The deposit for the summer SAT course is non-refundable with the remaining balance due one week before the start of the first class.

To learn more about our courses you can reach us at 609 608 6619

Why our SAT Summer Classes are different from other places

Our group classes are purposefully kept small as well believe it helps students learn better

Our classes are taught by an expert tutor (Princeton graduate) who has helped hundreds of high school students get into top colleges and/or receive financial scholarships for college

Our classes are dynamic where students are expected to fully participate through classroom participation, homework, and other assignments.


For online SAT courses only:

Register and pay the $500 deposit before 5/15/16 and you will receive 15% off the total cost of the online summer SAT course.

Register and pay the $500 deposit before 6/15/16 and you will receive 10% off the total cost of the online summer SAT course.

Referral Discount:

Register with another student and both students receive 10% off the standard price of the live online SAT course.* (FOR ONLINE ONLY CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH ANY OTHER DISCOUNT)

Prices of SAT Summer Bootcamps:

For SAT classes in Florham Park, NJ only:


Session 1 (July 2016-4 Weeks) Morning or Afternoon in Florham Park, NJ $600 per week Total $2,400

Session 2 (August 2016-4 Weeks) Morning (9am-1pm) or Afternoon (1:30pm-5:30pm) in Florham Park, NJ

$600 per week Total $2,400


For online SAT Summer classes only:

Session 1 (July 2016-4 Weeks Monday-Thursday) Evening (6pm-9pm) $399 per week Total $1596

Session 2 (August 2016-4 Weeks Monday-Thursday) Evening (6pm-9pm) $399 per week Total $1596

Recent TigerTutor Student SAT Results
Before TigerTutor: Reading 630, Writing 550, Math 770 (1950)  
After TigerTutor: Reading 800, Writing 800, Math 800 (2400) 
- Bridgewater HS
Before TigerTutor: Reading 750, Writing 610, Math 740 (2100)  
After TigerTutor: Reading 800, Writing 800, Math 800 (2400)
- Morris Hills HS
Before TigerTutor: Reading 620, Writing 640, Math 670 (1930)  
AfterTigerTutor: Reading 800, Writing 800, Math 770 (2370) 
- Parsippany Hills HS
Before TigerTutor: Reading 740, Writing 710, Math 730 (2180)  
After TigerTutor: Reading 800, Writing 770, Math 800 (2370) 
- Hanover Park HS
Before TigerTutor: Reading 680, Writing 680, Math 740 (2100)  
AfterTigerTutor: Reading 800, Writing 790, Math 750 (2340) 
- Randolph HS
Before TigerTutor: Reading 640, Writing 660, Math 760 (2060)   
After TigerTutor: Reading 780, Writing 790, Math 800 (2370) 
- New Providence HS
Before TigerTutor: Reading 730, Writing 680, Math 680 (2090)  
After TigerTutor: Reading 750, Writing 790, Math 800 (2340) 
- Whippany Park HS

Step 1: Complete Registration Form & click submit (see below)

Step 2: Pay Deposit online (click here)

To reserve your student's space in one of our SAT summer bootcamps or be eligible for one of our discounts a $500 deposit (non-refundable) must be paid at the time of registration. Deposit Payment can be made online here. For online courses the remaining balance will be due one week before the start of the selected course. For NJ Bootcamp courses the remaining balance will be due on the first day of the course.

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