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TigerTutor first started in New Jersey and over many years worked with hundreds of grade 5-12 students in different locations throughout NJ.

Our time in NJ gave us the experience to pinpoint many of our students’ weaknesses and develop a curriculum that helps our students become better critical thinkers, writers and speakers.

Currently we offer online group and private academic and test prep classes for students across the country that are all live and taught by real teachers (not prerecorded videos). This is an effective way to learn because students can learn from home and still ask questions in class and get feedback from their teachers.

Our classes are designed to make learning fun: students meet and listen to one another, see how other kids write, listen to the teacher teach important concepts like style and tone and watch the teacher make important writing corrections right in front of them on their computer screens. All students are assigned homework on a weekly basis. 

For you to better understand and see how our classes work, we invite all new students to a free 30-minute private tryout class.

Peter (韋培德), Academic Director (Graduate of Newark Academy & Princeton University)

Founder’s Background

TigerTutor's founder, Peter, is a native English speaker and Princeton University graduate who used to live in Beijing and Shanghai. He speaks Mandarin and studied at Beijing Normal University and Fudan University. He also speaks Spanish fluently. He grew up in New Jersey. In middle school and high school he won music competitions. He plays the oboe and piano and enjoys playing tennis in his free time.

Contact us to learn how we can help the student in your life. We offer free 30 minute private tryout classes. Former & current TigerTutor families who refer us to new families will receive a referral discount or future credit.


To learn more call (609) 608-6619 or send a contact message on our home page.

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