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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have proven results. We have a long list of success stories in helping students for more than 10 years and are happy to share references so you can directly speak with other parents whose child completed one of our programs. We are proud that for some families we have helped all the siblings in the same family – sometimes three or four!

We offer 1:1 Private Tutoring and Small Group classes throughout the school year and Group Summer Boot Camps.

Yes, we teach Monday-Sunday and try to accommodate students’ schedules as best as possible. Flexible class schedules are available.

During our consultation we give specific recommendations for the best test prep options for your child.

Yes, students are assigned homework after every class. Homework is key to improving. The amount of time students should expect to spend on their homework is discussed during the Free Consultation.

Class schedules and pricing are discussed during our Free Consultation.

Our classes are open to students from any location with a stable internet connection and can be accessed on the computer.

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